the hoofindex - rewind to the previous trip (pisa and cinque terre) - fast forward to the following trip (devon and cheese rolling)


Another quick weekend over to what is becoming our favourite European country, Italy. After the wicked long weekend in Pisa and Cinque Terre, this time we were heading to one of the most romantic cities in the world - Venice. It ended up being a great weekend, beautiful weather but not as hot as it gets later on in the summer when the place becomes a little "odorous"... and amazingly it wasn't too jammed with tourists. The best thing was that the place didn't feel too much like Disneyland, the buildings were in various states from beautiful to complete disrepair which made the place feel like a "normal" city and not just a place tourists go. We even bumped into some real Italians as they barged their way through the tourists cluttering some of the streets.

The Hoof'ess on a bridge near our hotel... it is incredible the size of the city with no roads except those made of water.


The famous Rialto bridge over the grand canal... shame about the graffiti on it and the zillion tourists which made it quicker to swim than walk over the bridge.


Hoofy was happy as you can see with his childish grin... various boats heading up, down and across the grand canal.


So many beautiful little canals with flower boxes, and the obligatory gondola's with tourists.


Managed to even get the Hoof'ess onto a gondola (she has been know to run away from anything on water)... this was a "ferry" gondolas where about 20 passengers all stand on a skinny gondola (no comfy seating here). Given there are only 3 bridges across the grand canal this is one of the easier to find ways of crossing.. They're also a cheaper way to try out the gondola thing than the expensive tourist ones.


St Marks square... pigeon to human ratio: 10 to 1.


Looking out from the deck on St Mark's cathedral towards the grand canal.


Looking back over St Mark's square and all the pigeons.


Time for an ice-cream and drinks at St Mark's square - probably the most expensive ice-cream and drinks we have ever bought! Two lemonades and one ice-cream sundae for the sum of NZ$45... we did get some mellow band music with our drinks.


After finishing our drinks we decided to feed some pigeons... thou the Hoof'ess got scared of the pigeons when the Hoof threw food at her feet and the pigeons went mad!


Some washing to dry?


That's a quick run down of Venice... but next is a long weekend down South West England, visiting Devon and watching some Cheese rolling.