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So you want to know who Team Hoof is? They are a band of three intrepid travellers, their mission - to see the world. Simple, yes. Easy, not so much. Team Hoof will not just travel the roads well travelled, but also those less travelled - sites which are on the must do lists of every good traveller but also places that are on the lists of the few.


But who are we, where have been and where are we going?


Well the Hoof is on the right and the Hoof'ess on the left - roasting among the Mayan ruins in Mexico.


Checking out classic cars in Havana.


Sunning in Varadero - but the Hoof is now on the right (just to mix it up).


Moving to cooler temperatures in London.


Climbing a church in Geneva.


Sunrise at the Vatican in Rome.


Christmas in Zwolle which is home for the Senior Hoof's.


And freezer weather for Hogmanay in Edinburgh.


And then there is Hoofy, our travelling companion and mascot! You're gonna have to check out all the other pages to see Hoofy around the world.