the hoofindex - rewind to the previous trip (devon and cheese rolling) - fast forward to the following trip (queens birthday in london)


It was the last trip during the hectic European late winter and early spring. Over the last 10 weeks, we only spent 2 weekends in London... and included 8 days in Turkey, long weekends in Italy and Devon, and now we were having another long weekend... in gorgeous Slovenia. This random destination was a find from some TV programme on buying property overseas ... but we thought it looked worth a visit. And it certainly was - thank goodness for the Hoof'ess love of average reality TV programming. This place was the nearest you can get to New Zealand without flying 26 hours.

It's a relatively sparsely populated country with only roughly 2 million people and the capital Ljubljana having only a quarter of a million residents. When we headed up into the Julian Alps to stay by Lake Bled, we found plenty of quaint villages, beautiful mountains and gorgeous lakes. This is a definite recommend to all those folk in and around London!


The view from our house! We rented a dirt cheap house with multiple rooms (more than our place in Harpenden had!), lounge and deck... all overlooking Lake Bled and church island. All I can say was that it was sensational.


Walking around the lake we found plenty of beautiful sights, from the cute boats which are the only way out to the church, to Bled Castle overlooking all that goes on at the lake.


We therefore had to head up to the castle, see something tall... must climb it! But this is one of the most picturesque places we have been on our trip. The lake is a gorgeous blue, and the well positioned island right in the middle, with a church and a bell that you can hear from all over the lake. There is also no motor boats on the lake, so its absolutely silent... so peaceful I could easily go back there to live!


Hoofy and his mate, Shawn also thinks this is a pretty good spot to hang out.


Next on the list of "to do's"... rowing out to the middle of the lake and visit the church.


And ring the lucky bell. It was amazing to get this picture with no one else in the church because there were throngs of tourists all ringing the bell... I'm also surprised the bell doesn't break apart from the constant ringing.


Heading back to the mainland... can you believe the Hoof'ess is actually smiling while on a small rowing boat?


Heading up into the mountains we hiked along one of the many gorges (the next day the Hoof went canyoning which was absolutely awesome!).


But the end was very disappointing, the gorge was beautiful but the waterfall at the end was very average and the council had built a bridge which obscured most of the view... cleaver!


Then we headed up to Lake Bohinj which is further up the Julian Alps from Bled. The place makes me feel like I'm up in the Southern Alps around lakes such as Wanaka and Manapori.


Water is beautifully clear if bloody cold - the lake can freeze over in winter and the shore gets completely covered with snow.


What were we thinking? To be honest we were pretending to be gazelles, leaping over the plains.


One last look out over this beautiful area before we had to head back to London. I think we'll have to come back here again... its awesome and I'd love to see the place covered with white snow.


Now we've got a few weeks in London... but never fear, there is still plenty to read and see about as next week it's the Queens Birthday.