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Sunday 17 June and time for full English pomp and ceremony - the Trooping of the Colour for Queens birthday. Our English friends and colleagues thought we were crazy, but the sun was shining through and we secured ourselves a spot on the railings of The Mall to watch the royal family traipse past.

First came the band and the royal guards....


Then came Prince William and Camilla (the Hoof'ess thought that William was even more handsome in person).


Then there was Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie with Prince Andrew (the Hoof did not think they looked more beautiful in person)....


And then the Queen (in a striking lime green outfit!) and Prince Philip.


The Hoof'ess was a bit nervous to get to close to the royal guard outside Clarence House....and he was keeping a watchful eye on her too.


Then it was time for them all to traipse back down The Mall....these guys were pretty ride a horse and either play the drums, or the trumpet, or one of the other wind instruments..


Then it was out onto the balcony of Buckingham Palace to wave at all the plebes down below and watch the flyby.


Just as the planes started to fly overhead, the heavens opened and up the umbrellas went in true English tradition. The flyby was pretty impressive nevertheless.


From the Palace we headed to St Pauls for a bit of a look around.


As our motto goes ''see a tall thing, must climb it'' we headed to the top of St Pauls. The Hoof'ess didn't enjoy it much as it was one of the more challenging climbs that we have done and the spiral staircases were made of metal, meaning that you could see through to the floors below you.... she isn't one for heights. But the view over London was pretty good since the clouds has cleared. This pic is over Milenium Bridge and the Tate Modern


The Hoof on Millenium Walk with St Pauls in the background.


How many London icons can we fit in one photo? Here we have Big Ben, a red phonebox, a double decker bus and if you look really carefully thats a black cab just disappearing behind us!


So that was Queens Birthday weekend with Trooping the Colour. Next it was back to Zwolle for Senior Wim Hoof's birthday.