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Friday 20 July we were off to Prague for the weekend... but we nearly didn't make our flight. The day was one of very, very heavy rain in and around London. In fact as the Hoof'ess was leaving home to pick up the Hoof from work the shops at the bottom of the road were being sandbagged and most of the roads through Harpenden were under a good few inches of water...but she made it through! We caught a taxi from Inbev down to the airport, but got stuck in traffic so our taxi driver suggested it would be faster for us to get out and walk when we got halfway through our journey.

As we rounded the corner to the airport we were confronted by the road with two fire engines, a dozen firemen and half a dozen hoses running up the hill. In the downpour the road under the runway had flooded and we were stuck on the outside of the airport area watching the painfully slow pumping out of the water. We ended up standing there for at least an hour....saw the time that check in was due to close and the time that boarding was meant to start pass.


However we did make it. We were flying Thompson and they kindly left check in open and delayed the fight so that they could get all their passengers on board. And we were rewarded by lovely weather, sunshine and warmth in Prague. Here the Hoof'ess is in the park between our hotel and the city. Prague is known as the city of a thousand spires and you can certainly see that.


All smiles in Wencelas Square... it was so pretty and kinda like a film set because it was so well preserved.


The smiling Hoof'ess in the large crowd in front of the Astronomical Clock in Wencelas Square. Every hour on the hour, for several hundred years, crowds have gathered to see the ''show''. Oh the anticipation!


And the extreme disappointment! Okay, so the clock tower is pretty old and remains in exactly the same state as when it was built in the 1400's and they weren't very technologicaly advanced, but it was pretty dull with just a few bells, a bit of wobbling by the characters on each side of the clock face and the doors at the top opened to revel a few sombre characters who paraded in front of the windows for 10 seconds. The Lonely Planet did warn us but we felt we had to see it.


So in accordance with our motto, we decided to go to the top of the clocktower (with the assistance of a lift this time) and the view from the top was great!


Next tall thing to go up was the gate at one end of Charles Bridge... the Hoof'ess wasn't a fan of the resident spiders at the top of the tower but the view was pretty good back down over the bridge.


Legend has it that you are meant to rub this plaque for luck when you cross Charles Bridge and judging by the discolouration on it the Hoof'ess was not the first person to hear this story. The Hoof had to do it too.


View from the top again. This time from the gardens in Prague Castle. The end of a great weekend in a great city.


Next its off to Northern Island, starting with Belfast and then heading up to Giants Causeway.