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8th Feb - Snow arrived this week! But nothing stops Captain BBQ... despite the snow we cranked up the BBQ for a couple of sausies!


The Hoof'ess was soooooo excited by the snow she ran out in her PJ's and had to make a snow angel.


Pour ol' Maude was buried and we ended up having to get help to push her out.


Our road wasn't high priority - no grit in sight. Only a few cars braved it, most stayed at home.


Snow caused chaos and plenty of people working from home - I dropped the Hoof'ess at the train station and worked from home.


No-one was working their allotments today.


Soon after the snow melted "we" were back out BBQ'ing - of course the Hoof'ess tended to hang out inside until the food was ready.


Now check out the London party for Waitangi Day.