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25/03/2008 A long time since any updates... very poor. But today we've loaded some pictures of our new house which we moved into at the beginning of March. So check out the new Chateau Hoof.


8/09/2007 Another big catch up thanks to some cloudy weather in Hvar which limited the amount of beach and swimming time. So now you'll be able to read about our trips to Trooping the Colour, senior hoof birthday in Zwolle, bulls racing in Pamplona, romantic Prague, Belfast and a summary of Final weekends in London.


2/09/2007 Extra extra, read all about it... big news on you have to read it to believe it. So read the exciting news from Saturday.


28/08/2007 In order to catch up we've rationalised the amount of information and photos on each page... so today we're updated pages on our trips to Pisa and Cinque Terre in Italy, Venice also in Italy, our road trip to Devon along with Gloustershire Cheese Rolling, and lastly beautiful Slovenia.


13/08/2007 A massive page went live today... a concise run through of our 8 day trip in Turkey.


2/08/2007 A small page update today - includes a bike ride around central London and watching a Man U game - check it out here!


31/07/2007 We're still struggling to catch up on all the trips but Scotland is up! Check out the northern road trip.


18/07/2007 So we've been a little slack, 3 months since the last update! Never mind, hopefully this is the start of a new roll... check out the South of England.


16/04/2007 We're on a roll!! Party time in Dublin to celebrate good ol' St Patrick!


14/04/2007 Ahhhhh... sun, warmth and crazy taxi drivers. It was interesting times in Marrakech - Hoofy's first trip to Africa.


12/04/2007 And time for some snow. Now updated - SNOW in Harpenden!


16/03/2007 Its like a time machine, and we're heading backwards! Now updated - Waitangi Day festivities!


12/03/2007 Finally the Hoof got his typing fingers typing again - so check out Berlin with plenty of stories for everyone!


25/01/2007 A quick trip into London to see the changing of the guards at Buckingmoo Palace, and checking out Tower Bridge.


18/01/2007 Check out beautiful Bath and mystical Stonehenge, our latest road trip!


11/01/2007 Party party party, Hogmanay in edinburgh.


07/01/2007 Wow, we're on a roll now - check out christmas wih the Hoof's.


04/01/2007 And following on from earlier this weeks update - we've got anoher trip to read all about - go rome.


02/01/2007 So we've been a little slack lately so there are a few pages new for this update... check out out trip to geneva, york and cardiff.