the hoofindex



After much, much, much searching we finally found a new Hoof Headquarters on the day before we headed away for our Christmas holiday. After some tough negotiating we purchased ourselves a new home. Then it was waiting, waiting, waiting until 29 Feb 08 for us to finally take possession and moving day was upon us. After a very cloudy start and some heavy showers during the first few loads, the day finally cleared and thanks to some very helpful friends (Ian, D, Matt, Brent and Erin) we were all moved in by 6pm.


Okay so this load in the car is solely the Hoof'ess' clothes! And yes, its an entire car full of her clothing.


And after a feed of pies and sausage rolls it was on to the item that we had all been dreading to move....


With the help of a ''police escort'' The Blue Demon made the journey down the hill and around the new corner to its new home. It did take a lot of people power to get it here though!


The final push to get the car into its new home.


Welcome to our new home, 1/110A Gowing Drive, Meadowbank.


Come on up the stairs...

Just watch out for Buffy...guard cat! Looks fierce doesnt she....


Looking along the front deck from the front door


And back toward the front door from the front deck.

Come on in....the hallway inside the front door (looking towards the back door). We affectionately call this the ''cave'' when the front door is closed because it is so dark. New front and back doors are on our list of purchases in the near future.

Same hallway, just looking the other way...this time looking towards the front door and front deck. Thats the door to the lounge on the right.


Our lounge...


Sam on her chair in the sun.


Looking out towards our lovely back deck. Cant get enough of sitting out here at the weekends.


And looking up towards the dining room and the charcoal wall that must go...soon!


And our dining room light fitting that we just love!!!!! Shall we keep this when we renovate???


And the kitchen...

And the funny dining area in the kitchen...not really sure what this space is actually for?


A closer look at our kitchen..


Out the left kitchen window is our deck and the BBQ is just below the window.


And out the other one is our washing line. But what do you think of those original elements?


And looking back out of the kitchen and up the hallway


Up the hallway...bathroom and toilet on the left, master and spare bedrooms to the right and Cormac's computer room straight ahead.


The hallway wall tells the same story as much of the rest of the house...pick a picture hook, any picture hook! We didnt need to put up any of our own!


The bathroom...another room we call the ''cave''. Its slightly small and until Mum attacked the punga outside the window it was also very dark.

And out the bathroom window is ''cockroach-ville'', the habitat for the colony of cockroaches that we are slowly waging war on.


And our spare room...not enough furniture to fill it!

And looking the other way in the spare room

And the master bedroom...

And the other way....

And finally, the backyard and our lovely back deck.