So you want to see everything that's on offer huh? Check out all the different hoofin locations? Make sure you haven't missed anything? Well you're in luck, you've found the contents page, index, site map... and all other descriptions you can think of. Its all here so knock yourself out.

Leaving New Zealand (Aug 06)

Jungle in Cancun, Mexico (Aug 06)

Arrive in Havana, Cuba (Aug 06)

Beaching in Varadero, Cuba (Aug 06)

Flying back, Havana to Cancun, to Houston, to LA, to Washington DC, to Amsterdam (Aug 06)

With the Senior Hoof's in Zwolle, Holland (Sept 06)

Arriving in London, UK (Sept 06)

Making Harpenden Home, UK (Sept 06)

Our First 2 Months in UK (Sept/Oct 06)

Cooling off in Geneva, Switzerland (Nov 06)

Shambles in York, UK (Nov 06)

All Black's versus Wales in Cardiff, Wales (Nov 06)

Warming up in Rome, Italy (Dec 06)

Christmas Presents in Zwolle, Holland! (Dec 06)

Hogmanay party in Edinburgh, Scotland (Dec 06)

Bath and Stonehenge, UK (Jan 07)

Changing of the guard and Tower Bridge in London, UK (Jan 07)

Waitangi Day in London, UK (Feb 07)

Berlin, Germany (Feb 07)

Marrakech, Morocco (Mar 07)

St Paddy's in Dublin, Ireland (Mar 07)

South East England Road Trip, UK (Mar 07)

Scotland Road Trip, UK (Apr 07)

Turkey (Apr 07)

Pisa and Cinque Terre, Italy (May 07)

Venice, Italy (May 07)

Devon and Cheese Rolling Road Trip, UK (May 07)

Slovenia Road Trip (June 07)

Queens Birthday Parade in London, UK (June 07)

Snr Hoof Birthday, Zwolle, The Netherlands (June 07)

Pamplona, Spain (July 07)

Prague, Czech Republic (July 07)

Belfast and Northern Island, UK (August 07)

Final weekends in London, UK (August 07)

Alicante, Spain (August 07)

Valencia and La Tomatina, Spain (August 07)

Barcelona, Spain (August 07)

Dubrovnik, Croatia (September 07)

Hvar and Split, Croatia (September 07)

Budapest, Hungary (September 07)

Athens, Greece (September 07)

Santorini and Greek Islands, Greece (September 07)

Amsterdam, The Netherlands (September 07)

Farewell to the Snr Hoofs, The Netherlands (September 07)

Glasgow and AB's at Murrayfield, UK (September 07)

Los Angeles, USA (September 07)

Arrival back in NZ (September 07)