the hoofindex - rewind to the previous trip (dublin st paddy's day party) - fast forward to the following trip (scotland road trip)


Road Trip to the south east of England, time to check out Brighton, Dover and Canterbury.


Having a sit down on Brighton "Beach" - certainly not the sort of beach you want to play Beach Volleyball on.


Being the end of March the water was still rather chilly - if you hadn't already guessed from the Hoof'ess face.


The entrance to Brighton Pier - obviously if the stoney beach doesn't appeal you can go have fun on the pier.


Its like stepping back into the 80's with the Ghost Train or the Rocket Slide.


If the "theme park" is not up to your standards you can grab some deck chairs and soak in a few rays... very few rays...


The second pier is a little worse for wear - a fire took it out and now its just a shell.


Looking back along the Brighton "Beach" Front.


The buildings are amazing...


A little cross country driving to find some white cliffs wasn't overly successful... in fact we ended up in the middle of a field with the cliffs in the distance... we didn't really get closer from our little off road adventure (but Maude the Ford and the Hoof loved the rough ''road'').


Five star accommodation all the way for Team Hoof. Michelin Star restaurant to boot.


Next morning we went to Beachy Head - although the Hoof'ess was not keen on me leaning over the edge. England just stopped at the steep cliffs....the view over the edge was worth it!


The Hoof leant over the edge with the camera (much to the disappointment of the Hoof'ess) - the cliffs are awesome...


The Hoof'ess and the white cliffs of Beachy Head.


The white cliffs here were amazing - not Dover yet, actually this is Beachy Head - more impressive than Dover.


Hoofy liked the white cliffs, they were the colour of his skin.




Eastbourne has its own pier, not quite up to Brighton's one - no ghost trains or old rollarcoasters here.


Is this the typical english seaside image or what!


On the road trip towards Dover we found this amazing medieval village called Rye. Cobbled streets, Tudor buildings and crawling with tourists!


Once again the Hoof'ess has found a cat to pat. How does this always happen???


The town church.


And another sign for the "Crazy signs of the world" collection. Unfortunately Simon was away so we couldn't get any of his pies.


Great old english tudor pub in Rye.


Finally we approached the white cliffs of Dover - with the ''scenic'' port in the foreground.



Dover castle is an interesting place given its role in the world wars - there are massive underground tunnel systems which housed a hospital as well as barracks.



And out onto the White Cliffs we went - they are an impressive sight.


Hoofy was suitably impressed.



Next town on the road trip list was Canterbury - and in particular Canterbury Cathedral. Amazing gothic cathedral, even though we only saw it from the outside.



Canterbury was a very quint little town - little canal and buildings which have a lean on.


Nice little road trip - but we've got a larger one next week. Road tripping around Scotland.