the hoofindex - rewind to the previous trip (scotland road trip) - fast forward to the following trip (turkey and anzac day)


For change we decided to head to London with our bikes and get around the city above ground rather than in the underground. Lucky it was good weather for the ride... I don't think the Hoof'ess would've gone out on the bike unless the sun was beating down.

We headed down on the train to Kings Cross - from there we headed into Piccadilly Circus to catch up with an old mate from high school in Rotovegas. He's an old JPC veteran, Scott Newton and his wife. After grabbing lunch in Leicester Square we jumped back on our bikes and did a loop down Oxford st (with a quick detour into H & M for the Hoof'ess), through to Marble Arch and down Park Lane, then through Green Park and finally ending up at the river by Westminster. We then leisurely headed eastwards along the Thames.

We then headed back into the City of London... for those who are not familiar with the geography of London will not know that the city of London is a relatively small area centred on the Tower of London. There is actually 33 boroughs in London, with the GLA (Greater London Authority) heading up the pack, trying to bring them all together. Here to Hoof'ess is at the marker of the entry to the City of London on the bank of the Thames.

We continued down the River Thames towards Tower Bridge - but what a day in London. I think it may have been the first time since last summer that the shorts were out. The Hoof'ess tells me now that it was 27 degree which is a record for this time of year. After reaching Tower Bridge we grabbed an icecream from Ben and Jerry's, before heading back up the river to grab the train home from Embankment station. Sensational little bike trip...

So then on Tuesday we had a special evening planned... we were heading up to Manchester to watch a game of soccer - yes soccer! Not football for all those English readers. I had been able to secure a couple of tickets to a Man U game at the Theatre of Dreams. We raced up in late afternoon to make it... but this was a once in a blue moon opportunity.

The Hoof was pretty stoked about the game... and did I mention that we were in the box with a great dinner ahead, and some sensational seats.

What did I tell you, front row seats on the second tier!

And check out the boys in red.

Needless to say the Hoof'ess was pretty happy about the night... and Ian... mate are you jealous?

One thing none of you guys will be jealous of is the trip home. We were out and in the car at about 10:00pm - with a three hour drive back to Harpenden. However traffic was a little slow away from the stadium. Actually a better descriptor was that the traffic was stopped heading away from the stadium. It took us about an hour or so to even get out of Manchester central and onto the motorway. Then on the motorway there were roadworks and breakdowns which meant that we didn't get back to Harpenden and bed until 3:30am. Needless to say we were nackered... and productivity was lower than our usual highly efficient selves.


After recovering by getting to bed early for a couple nights - our next trip was over to the edge of Europe, and the start of Asia... the only city to span two continents... that is Istanbul and Turkey.